It's often hard finding things for your children to do during the holiday. Keeping them occupied is one of the main challenges once they can feed themselves and don't need your help going to the toilet!
One great way to distract them for an hour or two is to sign them up for extra-curricular educational courses such as language courses or music instrument training.
There are a number of music training locations and centres in and around London which are quite accessible to those with their own transport. One of the most popular locations within Lewisham is Singing Lessons London, which is run by Samuel Nicholl.
Samuel has been teaching children and adults to sing for well over a decade, and has experience not only of teaching how to make the most of your voice, but also about how to use your voice to its full potential within more public environments such as theatre plays and productions.
Singing Lessons London is located in Lee, in South London. To enquire about available slots, please telephone on 07515384027, or email